Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Truth, even ignored, is ever faithful.

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Tami said...

How about

Sometimes a simple thought is derived from deep thinking -however- sometimes deep thinking is the gate way to a simple thought.

Wow! now that is deep-- yet, it is also not very deep at all!
I would like to see a side note of how you came about creating your quotes. How did your 'cluttered intellect' start the process of mind wandering words. Take me, your reader, through your meandering moments- after all, sometimes the meandering moments are more interesting than the moment you stop meandering.
For example
'Forgetful thinking is a mind deep in thought.'

That was created by me while I was on the phone with mom (talking about your latest interest in creating a thought for the day). You left for work only to come back because you forgot your phone. Once you found your phone- you could not find where you put down the keys. Thus the creation of my first meandering moment on your new blog.
'Forgetful thinking is a mind deep in thought'.
But now that I think about it- personalizing it maybe keeps the reader from interpreting the quote how or she reads it?! Hmmm none the less, sometimes the qoute is more interesting if the reader knows the background or the story behind the words.
How about
Sometimes deep thinking keeps one from folding laundry and scrubbing toilets- looky there- I better go. I think I have done enough meandering in my mind! Sometimes I get the feeling that
'Too much meandering of MY mind proves to the reader that there is not much mind to meander.' :)